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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Fashion in fabric design

Fashion in fabric design is a type of fabric intended for creating the clothing that meets the latest fashion trends.

Typically, it is about special occasion outfits, but it may also comprise the elements of your casual or working wardrobe.

Basics: Fabric Study

Choosing a suitable fabric can be a challenge for most of us.

When we enter a clothing store, we are overwhelmed by the array of fabrics on display.

At the time of choosing a fabric, the spectrum of colours, patterns, designs, etc.

can be confounding! In fact, it is only when we closely inspect a fabric that we get a thorough understanding of its actual composition.

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How to Learn Fashion Designing at home?

Fabric study is a very interesting subject.

For those of you who would like to gain a complete knowledge can pursue a Diploma in fashion designing and explore it further.

Fabric studies under textile design covers everything right from fibre to fabric.

The pattern of course! Therefore,it is the first step in the fabric designing process.
So, in order to choose the right fabric, the right pattern must be in place.

To start with, you can choose a very basic pattern.

Make sure, when choosing a pattern, it is easy to sew as well as transform into a finished product.

If you have a certain pattern in mind, or have a picture of it, you can simply sketch it out.

All our students learn to sketch fabric. patterns at the formative stages of their fashion designing course.

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Design Parameters

Directionality refers to the number of ways you can rotate fabric and keep the print looking the same.

Most directional prints are oriented with the lengthwise direction of the fabric and can be one-way or two-way.

One-way prints can be turned only one way,otherwise they look upside down or sideways.

These kind of fabrics present a real challenge for sewing because cutting layouts for lots of projects are designed in a way where pieces are oriented the same lengthwise and crosswise to minimize fabric leftovers.

With one way fabric all pieces must be oriented the same way and because of that projects require more yardage.

Two way prints look the same on the right and on the wrong side so they don’t limit fabric usage as much as one way fabrics.

Stripes are considered a two-way print but they can be oriented in 4 or more directions and look good.

There are also non-directional prints and these are the easiest to work with because sewing pieces can be cut out in any direction which means less waste.

These prints can be divided into tossed and 4-way prints.
Tossed prints look the same when you rotate them in any direction,even on the bias.

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Visually they appear fun and relaxing. 4-way prints look the same when oriented at 0°,90°,180°or 270°.

Tartan plaids are an example of this type of a print.

Railroaded prints have motifs that run parallel to the selvage and they are usually found in upholstery fabrics.

Border prints are usually designed with a specific end use in mind, such as tablecloths, skirts and aprons.

Craft panels include all the ready-to-sew pieces for a project, for example a stuffed toy, printed directly onto the fabric.

Placement prints are printed directly on a finished product,such as a T-shirt.

Engineered prints are similar to craft panels but more used in fashion, where the pieces are printed directly on the fabric,with the print already filled in.

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All-in-one prints include a mini-collection of different prints all on one length of fabric.

A cheater print is mock patchwork, usually simple squares or traditional quilt patterns and it makes quilting easier as there is no need for piecing before layering.

These are the basic elements of fabric print design and they are the foundation for learning to design your own patterns and prints.

In the next post, I’ll go over these elements through tutorials on making different prints.

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