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Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian

What do you do with more money than you could ever need? Just ask “King of Instagram” and “poker pro” Dan Bilzerian.

Born in Tampa, Florida, this 37-year-old playboy, multi-millionaire, and Internet personality is renowned for his lavish lifestyle. Many in the poker world also know Bilzerian for his highly contested claims that he amassed his fortune by playing in private ultra-high-stakes games.
The infamous internet playboy Dan Bilzerian has spoken about the day he won the most on poker in a single day - according to himself, he once left the table $12.8 million richer.

Bilzerian - who undoubtedly has seen phenomenal success on social media, with his Instagram account alone boasting of almost 25 million followers - is sticking to his claim that he’s made his fortune playing cards. This was one of the rare occasions when he goes into specifics about his poker career.

He appeared on the online interview series In Depth with Graham Bensinger, where he was asked about the most money he had ever won on poker.

“I think it was like 12.8 [million dollars], but it was over the period of three games. (...) I was sitting with like over 18 million, because I bought in for some money. (...) I think I had lost, initially, then I rebought. (...) We’re playing No-Limit Hold’em, and we’re playing heads-up and the blinds are $10,000/$25,000, so it’s, you know, a real big game.”

  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Age: 38
  • Born: December 7, 1980
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur
  • Last Updated: 2019


Dan Brandon Bilzerian, also known as the “Instagram King”, is an American gambler and internet personality from Tampa. Bilzerian started his career by playing poker in a World Series of Poker Main Event. He is mostly known for his lavish lifestyle.

Bilzerian was voted as one of the funniest poker players by Bluff Magazine which gave him a lot of attention in the media.

As of 2019, Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million dollars.

Early Life

Dan Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida on the 7th of December, 1980. He is the son of Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian. He has an Armenian descent from his father. Dan was introduced to poker by his brother Adam who is also a poker player.


Bilzerian started his poker career in 2009 in a World Series Poker Event, he finished in 180th place. The following year he was voted as one of the funniest poker players on Twitter by Bluff Magazine.

Alongside actors including Tobey Maguire, Gabe Kaplan, and Nick Cassavetes, he was asked to pay back winnings that they had won in poker games against Ponzi scheme operator Bradley Ruderman.

The same year Bilzerian was defending Alex Rodriguez publicly against rumors that he had played poker illegally. Rodriguez claimed that he was present when the gambling event had taken place. In 2013 Bilzerian posted that he won $10.8 million dollars from one night playing poker.

In 2014, he won over $50 million in one year. He sued the producers of the film Lone Survivor the following year. Bilzerian announced his bid to run for the President of United States in 2016 which gave him a lot of attention. Although, he later stopped his run for the presidency and endorsed Donald Trump.

Since then, Bilzerian has become known as the “Instagram King”. He is a highly successful poker player and has received millions out of his gambling career.

As of 2019, Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is roughly $150 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Howard Stern career:

  • Navy SEAL 2000
  • World Series of Poker Main Event 2009
  • Bluff Magazine 2010
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2011
  • Lone Survivor 2014
  • Hustler Magazine 2014
  • Extraction 2015
  • War Dogs 2016
  • Larry King Now 2016
  • Blitz Real Hollywood Stories 2017

 Here Are some Things about Dan Bilzerian


Even when it comes down to basic relaxing and luxurious relaxers like kicking back in a hot tub, Dan Bilzerian beats all of us. This thirty-six-year-old (that's right campers -- this wealthy frat boy is actually a full-fledged adult that lives his entire life like an episode of Arthur, jumping from adventure to adventure with the daredevil attitude of a sixteen-year-old boy) is living it up with multiple babes at all times. Here, he's seen with four of his lady-model friends; we're not actually sure if they're models or not, but let's be real -- they may as well be if they aren't already. This stunning group is sailing around the Caribbean in Bilzerian's yacht, looking sexy as ever and enjoying their retreat from the world in his no-rules, no-boundaries party boat. Sounds like a fun time, one that we certainly want more pictures of...


Dan Bilzerian is kind of like a modern American king. We like to pretend that the monarchies in this land were completely abolished when revolutionaries drafted the United States constitution, but who are we kidding? This country is totally ruled by blood monarchies, whether you're considering political families like the Kennedys and the Bushes or the wealth of America that has stayed within the wealthiest American families like the Goldman family, the Walton family, and the Koch family -- as well as the ancestors of Dan Bilzerian.


Seriously, Dan loves his tanks! If Dan could sell all of his guns (and trust us, he has quite the gun collection. Like, an ARSENAL in his home. As in, please do not ever think you could intrude there and live to tell the tale) in exchange for a couple of tanks, he just might do it -- so long as he's able to fire the big guns on the tank, that is. Remember how we were wondering what it would look like to get all of these ladies in one tank? And speculated that it just may be one of the sexiest tank rides ever to occur? Well... were we wrong? Dan posed in another incredibly frat-boyish way for this shot, surrounding himself with six ladies -- some even wearing a bit more clothing in this shot! How odd... we have to wonder if he went lax on the strict and stringent bikini-only dress code for the day...


Yup, that is indeed Dan Bilzerian having a chit chat with the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. The two men, who are each way too rich for their own good, get along on a number of subjects and actually talk fairly frequently. Who would have guessed? Who could have known that crazy rich white people all love to hang out together and talk over expensive bottles of water and fruit plates no one seems to be interested in?!


Dan is a serious gun nut. Like, seriously. If anyone were to be within a hundred mile radius of Dan and suggest changes to the second amendment or restrictions of gun laws, this man would rain hellfire down on that person in the form of gunshot rounds. Who knows why he's so into guns? Perhaps it's because he's a wealthy guy who grew up as a wealthy kid, and he's never had the need to know how to use a gun, so he feels the need to compensate for that somehow by becoming a weapons enthusiast -- but that's just our theory.. what do we know? Dan loves going out to the gun range and firing off some automatic rounds, but not nearly as much as he loves taking some of his lady friends out on the range with him. Looks like they're totally having fun, though we kind of feel bad for those ladies walking around out in that mess in high heels...

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